PixMangler - Alternative Image Effects Editor.

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This editor works best with low light party, club and concert photos. It adds a variety of grunge, cyber, and industrial style effects. The resulting images are distorted, scratched, and far from being nice. We regret to inform that this editor is not suitable for hipsters.

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Original Image Controls

Increase Contrast
Color Saturation

Color mask/Overlay Mask Controls

Color Mask
Mask Opacity
Mask Color/Hue

Dirt Mask Controls

Dirt Mask


Select Frame Type

Tilt-Shift Controls

Tilt-shift affects:
Effect position - left/right
Effect position - top/bottom

Current Blur Mask:

Effect Rotation 0°
↶ Left
Right ↷
Unblurred (Sharp) Area Size
Blur Edge Fade
Blur Strength
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What does this editor do?

This editor allows you to make your ordinary party/concert photos a little bit more dynamic. It adds scratches, dirt, stains, changes colours and adds some light effects.

The aim is to modify ordinary images in a way that they look more attractive, even if they are not nice in the traditional meaning of the word.

How to start?

Change some presets on example image to see what this editor can do. If you like the effects, upload your own photo and use presets as a starting point. Use your creativity with the controls - you will quickly figure out how they work.

Pixmangler uses 3 basic layers you can modify independently: original image, colormask and dirtmask. On top of that goes optional frame. Tilt-shift effect can be set to affect (blur) only original, original with colormask or everything. As a rule of the thumb if you are using any of the colormasks you should set the saturation of the original image to zero or very low. Also, in most of the cases it makes sense to increase contrast.

Tilt shift effect (partial blur simulating depth of field effect) is on by default on all presets. You can modify it to change affected area - just go to the tilt-shift tab. It works best with very low settings 1-2, 3 at the most.

This is it, have a lot of fun and happy photomangling!

To upload your photo click on "Choose File" button, select file on your computer and click "Upload" button.


Click and drag selection corners to select a portion of photo to be used.

Click "Crop and Save Image" button below when done.

If you want to upload another image, please Click Here to reset the editor.

Page will reload and current image will be deleted.