Memorial Cards

Are memorial cards expensive? Pricing explained

Some customers perceive memorial cards’ prices as being quite high. A single card can cost more than one euro, even when you check out our own very competitive prices. Why is that?

This is not because you, the customer, are being ripped off. There is a number of factors that keep the prices where they are. By the way – our own prices have not changed for the last 4 years.

In a nutshell, memorial cards (and indeed other card types like memorial bookmarks or wallet cards too) are small but very labour intensive jobs. It takes a lot of good organization to make them profitable while keeping the prices realistic.

Memorial Cards

Here you can see the amount of steps required to produce memorial cards:

  1. Order Taking
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Proofing
  4. Print
  5. Lamination
  6. Cutting on guillotine
  7. Creasing
  8. Packaging & labeling
  9. Dispatch

Each step requires man-hours and machinery. Employees have to be paid, machines have to be kept in good working order and up to date.

Below are main factors that influence the price:

Memorial cards are printed in small quantities.

Even with today’s digital print technology small quantities are still expensive to print. Even larger – by memorial cards’ standards – runs like 300 pieces and upwards would be considered small quantity in print industry.

Memorial cards are a personalized product

Even though certain template designs can be used, a designer is required to put your design together, enter text and photo, proof the card to you, make changes etc. This is a significant cost. Coupled with small print run it drives unit price up significantly. To design your memorial card takes the same amount of time regardless of the number of the cards printed.

Memorial Card photo with bokeh effect
Memorial cards usually take 9 steps to manufacture.

We tried to lower the design and proofing cost by creating our online personalization systemyou get roughly 50 euro off right away just by using it. We passed all the savings on to you. And do not feel bad by using our pre-defined memorial card designs. Our designers spent countless hours making them look good. Key elements like backgrounds and headings can be personalised in a way that gives you countless possible combinations and thus allow you to create a card that has a high degree of uniqueness.

Memorial Cards require 3 finishing operations

Apart from printing, memorial cards require 3 print finishing operations – lamination (gives them glossy plastic finish), cutting (to cut individual cards from multiple-up printer’s sheet) and creasing (so they fold nicely and without breaking). Each takes man-hours. For example a poster requires just one finishing step – cutting down to size.

Memorial cards are laminated

Lamination is a tricky operation. I requires good equipment and more expensive digital-compatible plastic film. And even with very good, industrial machine it is quite slow and to make things even worse good machines usually laminate one side at time. Laminating machines also need to warm up before they can be operated – this adds time to the job, especially if laminator has to be switched on just for one urgent job.

If you compare our prices of memorial and acknowledgement cards you will see that acknowledgement cards are noticeably less expensive. This is nearly exclusively down to the fact they are not laminated.

Wallet memorial card - small but labour intensive product.
Wallet memorial card – small but labour intensive product.

Delivery is expensive

– while we ourselves do not charge delivery directly in the cart, it is obvious that delivery cost has to be included in the overall price. Depending on quantity and memorial product type delivery cost can be as high as 20% of the whole order.

The cards have to be printed fast

Nowadays customers are not very patient. So – if you cannot deliver within a couple of days, somebody else will. Our system allows us to deliver at a speed that would be unthinkable just a few years ago. But – if you have a certain deadline, please do talk to us. We will either commit to a deadline and deliver or honestly say we cannot meet it.

Top-notch quality is required

– Memorial cards are a very personal product. The customers expect the highest quality. Cutting corners on this sort of product immediately results in high volume of quality related returns (see our returns policy). Not to mention that making silly savings on a tribute to somebody’s life is just a bad thing to do.

As you can see what seems to be a quick job turns out to be a tedious and technical process involving many people. Seems we are taking a lot for granted and do not see the people and work behind the product that should be good, cheap and delivered promptly.

We hope that now you can order your cards with understanding that you are getting high quality and good value product, designed and printed in Ireland.

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