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Irish-Celtic Old Style Bookmark – BM12

Memorial bookmark featuring Irish/Celtic style picture frame on the front and old weathered paper backgrounds.

The idea behind this design was to try and simulate old prints. Font used for name and heading is trying to mimic old typefaces that were hand-made, you can see them on old prints too. The main typeface we used is a bit crude, distance between letters is not perfect like in modern fonts. But it adds to the character. 

Of course, the bookmarks won’t look like they were printed a hundred years ago, as they are printed on a modern digital press and are laminated. So they are a mixture of new and old.

A lot depends on what photo you use – some photos will work, some won’t. So just create online proof and see for yourself. It won’t take you long, a couple of minutes at most.

Plain white background can also be used. Personalisable photo on the front, optional verse on the back. Size: 58x190mm, gloss laminated, printed on 350gsm heavy card.

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