Modern Memorial Cards

Below you can see our modern memorial card designs. Each of them can be personalised online or used as a base for fully custom modern memorial card.

Modern memorial cards are a bit less conservative, use strong typography and strong colours.

Modern memorial card designs

MP81 – colorful modern memorial card

Video below shows layout details and some of the available background variants.

You can request the cross on the front to be removed – without it the card is a bit more modern as the cross style is a bit dated/traditional. A simple cross can be used instead if you like.

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MP73 – Modern Memorial Card with Simple Cross

Video below shows card layout details and some of the available backgrounds – se how easily you can change the mood of the card while keeping the design simple and contemporary.

This card has a very simple cross as it’s main design element – it is minimalistic and plain.

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MP63 – Modern Memorial Card with Floral Pattern

Video below shows 360-degrees view of the card with some background variants.

Simplistic modern design with floral pattern on the front being it’s main design feature.

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MP62 – Departing Birds

See video below for 360-degree view.

Modern memorial card design with simplified drawing/silhouette of departing birds on the front. The card can be extensively customised both online and manually from our own end of things – so you can use it as a starting point and let us finish it for you free of charge.

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MP55 – Light Themed Card with Departing Birds

Vide below shows card details.

This is just bright themed version of our MP62 design (above) – may suit those who like the departing birds idea but want a bit lighter card.

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MP54 – Memorial Card with Modern Abstract Waves Pattern

360-degree view below:

This card has a modern waves/hills pattern on the front. It can be used with or without the cross on the front.

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MP48 – Flower Themed Modern Looking Memorial Card

Watch the video below for more details and alternative background options.

This card comes with over 30 flower-themed backgrounds that let you completely transform the card.

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MP45 Modern and Minimalistic Memorial Card

MP45 card with dark red background

Clean and contemporary design of this card coupled with multiple background variants makes it worth considering.

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Custom Designed Modern Memorial Cards

If none of the above suits you, please contact us about fully custom design. We can provide a design that fulfills your own vision of the card – there is no design charge and no proof number limit. So we will tweak the card until you are 100% happy with it.

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