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Colorful Memorial Card With Small Cross – MP81

This card features a large small Irish-style cross and grungy colorful light backgrounds. It is one of just few designs that has a background for the inside pages too. Video below shows layout details:

Photo on the inside left page is mandatory – so this design cannot be used without a photograph.

All frames are optional, frame styles inside are selectable.  This template features selectable (optional) verses for pages 3 and 4. We insert custom verses at no cost if you need need it.

The background will will seamlessly “wrap over” from the front page to the back and across inside pages.

These changes will be reflected on your online proof.

Designer’s Note: This card is a rather colorful one, if not the most colorful one on this website. Backgrounds were inspired by old film light leaks and similar unintended artifacts of old days’ photography. They are also grungy and unpolished. Originally I planned only abstract backgrounds for this card. However, during design process it turned out that Irish scenic backgrounds can work well too – so they are included.

It has to be said that this card design is a bit of an experiment and it is on the more daring end of things. But on the other hand who said that memorial cards have to be sad. We are celebrating someone’s life here. So it makes sense to let you decide if this is for you or not.

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