Wallet Memorial Cards

Wallet Memorial Cards
(often referred to as Prayer Cards) are of standard credit card or business card size – in our case it is 55x85mm (2.16”x3.34”).  This size makes it a perfect keepsake to be carried in a purse or wallet, because most wallets have slots for credit cards. They have rounded corners what makes them less prone to damage.

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Some of our Wallet Memorial Cards designs.

Selection of our Wallet Memorial Cards designs.

Most wallet memorial cards have portrait orientation. You may encounter landscape-oriented ones but they are not common. Seems that portrait orientation allows for better utilisation of the space and a nicer design. It is also a natural orientation for portrait photos and most of wallet cards feature a photo.

Wallet memorial cards are printed on heavy card (350gsm), they are double sided and laminated. Lamination (plastic finish) makes them very durable and contributes to elegant look. It also provides an extra layer of protection against mechanical damage.

If you are looking to order wallet memorial cards, please see some of our designs.

The cards will easily survive years in your wallet without any deterioration in their look. Sometimes the cards have rounded corners but many companies do them with ordinary square corners. Rounding helps to prevent damage when inserting the cards into wallet. All our wallet cards do have rounded corners. 

It seems that wallet memorial cards are a good add-on when you order your standard sized memorial cards. The smaller quantity of those cards can be given to people who are likely to keep them in their wallets – relatives, close friends of the deceased, those who would like to have this sort of a personal keepsake with them at all times.

We have customers who order just wallet memorial cards in higher quantities. The price difference between wallet and standard sized in memoriam cards is not significant, so they should be chosen based on your personal preferences and needs.

Standard Wallet Memorial Card

Typical wallet memorial card layout and wording

The size and shape of the wallet card determines the design. As the space is limited, the design is usually pretty standard. You cannot fit too much text into them because the card would look too busy or the text would become too small to be legible. From all memorial products only keyrings are smaller than wallet memorial cards.

Wallet memorial cards prices

Price €59 €95 €102 €128 €155 €174 €219 €255 €295

Here you can view prices of  folding memorial cards and other products.

Standard design and wording of a wallet memorial/in memoriam card


Card heading – standard heading text is the same as on full-sized memorial cards.

In Loving Memory Of
Remembering (Name)
Always in Our Hearts
In Memoriam
Forever in Our Hearts
In Remembrance Of
Precious Memories Of
Let Us Remember
Sadly Missed
Rest in Peace

Photo of the Deceased

In loving memory of
Name and Surname
Address Line 1
Address Line2
Who died on 12/01/2013
Aged (age) years
Rest in Peace

The back of a wallet memorial card usually consists just of a short prayer (thus their alternative name – Prayer Cards), verse, poem or other text.

Both front and back can have a photo in the background. Scenic photos or places related to the deceased are commonly used. Some cards have religious images or a cross on the back. Some designs do not use a photo of the deceased at all. In such case the design consist of a large cross or a religious image along with the name of the deceased on the front.

Wallet memorial card, front and back

Wallet memorial card, typical front and back design

Pros and cons of wallet memorial cards


  • durable thanks to being printed on thick card and lamination
  • perfect size to be carried in a wallet – same size as ATM cards, every wallet has a dedicated space for them
  • high quality print
  • a photo of the Loved One can be used
  • intended to be a long-lasting personal token of remembrance
  • can be used instead of a standard memorial card


  • small size prevents more elaborate design
  • limited space for text
  • price similar to full sized in memoriam cards due to similar amount of finishing work
Multiple wallet memorial card designs

Multiple wallet memorial card designs

A tip – if you want to see how your wallet memorial will look like when printed you can use one of our free downloadable designs. Just personalise your card, download it and print on your home printer. Then you can cut it to size – the downloaded design will have convenient crop marks to help you with this.

Back of the wallet memorial card with "Our Fater" prayer on it.

Back of the wallet memorial card with “Our Father” prayer on it.

You can use a photograph of your Loved One, enter name and other information so you will be able to create a very close preview of your wallet memorial card. This may help you to decide if this type of product is right for you.

Finally, we do not mind if you take this design and print it with your local printers if your prefer.

Below you can see a few real life photos of wallet cards we print - more photos can be found here.

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