Simple Memorial Cards

Below you can see our simple memorial card designs.

When designing them we had clean and elegant layouts in mind. You can personalise them online or use them as a base of your custom design. We can also design a fully custom simple memorial card based on your requriements.

Each of these cards has a base layout that can be expanded and personalised using different backgrounds – this adds to complexity but still maintains the overall simplicity of the layout.

Using out online personalisation system you can try as many designs as you like before deciding what works for you. Please bear in mind that each online design can be further customized by us free of charge.

Our simple memorial card designs

MP74 – plain card with Celtic ornament

Video below shows layout and some backgrounds that can be used – the card does not have to be white.

You can personalise and order this design here. If you opt for custom design based on this one, just quote “MP74” as your base design when contacting us – this will speed things up.

Personalise & order here

MP59 – “Simplicity”

Video below shows layout details from different angles.

We called this design “Simplicity” for a reason – but there is still a few elements you can remove – for example you can choose not to have frames inside.

Personalise & order here

MP61 – Simple Card witht Feathered Photo

Video below shows some different angles and background options so you can see how this card looks like when it is not just plain white.

You can make this card very plain just by saying “In loving memory” on the front and using a suitable photo. You can try personalising it online to see what works / does not work for you. You can always ask us to make changes to whatever you do online.

Personalise & order here

MP59 – Simple Card with Oval Feathered Photo

Video below shows different angles and some alternative backgrounds.

Clean card with oval feathered photo on the front.

Personalise & order here

MP62 – Deaprting Birds

Video below shows some of the available background (actually any background can be used if we do a custom design).

This card also falls into simple/plain thanks to the simplified graphic of departing birds on the front and many plain backgrounds that are available.

Personalise & order here

MP54 – Abstract Waves

MP54 front view

Video below shows 360 degree view of this card.

This design features abstract waves pattern and a Celtic cross on the front. We can remove the cross for you if you want to make it more plain – just request such change on checkout if you are presonalising this design online.

Personalise & order here

MP45 – Minimalistic Dark Themed Card

MP45 card - solid dark blue version

Video below shows 360 degrees view and some background options that can be used during personalisation.

This design may suit you if you want a plain card but with darker backgrounds.

Personalise & order here

More simple card design options?

If none of the above simple memorial cards suit you, you can browse all our memorial card design – maybe you will find something that suits.

Custom design of simple memorial card

Of course our template/starter designs may not be for you either.

In such case we can do a fully custom design for you. Our designer will take your images, text and ideas and will make it into a fully bespoke memorial card.

To start your custom design process please go here, use live chat or just contact us.

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