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MP45 Minimalistic

Minmalistic dark themed memorial card. There is a a lot of backgrounds to choose from – more conservative dark solid colors, brighter solid colors, our green shamrock abstract backgrounds and finaly scenic dark backgrounds.

Both photos are optional – so this card will work with no photos too.

If you do not use photo on front page, there will be no empty frame – just whatever background you choose and writing.

If you do not use photo on page 2 (inside left) it will be replaced by a plain cross image – as without a photo this space will look unnatural if left empty.

All frames are optional and you can pick frame style yourself.  This Memorial Card features selectable (optional) verses for pages 3 and 4.

We suggest that if you want just one verse, leave the back blank as if there is no verse inside it will look empty without a reason. This is of course up to you.

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