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MP72 – Simplicity

This design is meant to let you create the simplest memorial card possible. The only element with color will be the photo – if you upload one. Video below shows layout details:

The by-product of this approach is that this card requires very little input from your side. Another words there will be just a few fields to fill in order to see your online proof.

The designer recommends to use this design with plain square frames inside, as per sample images (of course frame choice is entirely up to you, go with what you think looks good).

The photo inside is optional – this design can be used without photos. If you do not use photo on page 2 (inside left) it will be replaced by a plain cross image.

All frames are optional, frame styles inside are selectable – the frame on the front is part of the design so it cannot be changed.  This Memorial Card features selectable (optional) verses for pages 3 and 4.

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