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Memorial Card With Large Transparent Cross – MP73

This card features a large semi-transparent cross as its main design element. Using 70+ alternative backgrounds you can create many different versions of this design, vastly varying in mood and style.

This template is extremely versatile and we recommend you try it with different backgrounds as they transform the look and feel of the card completely. Some backgrounds make the cross barely visible, some make it stand out. Just experiment and you will find something that works for you.

Photo on the inside left page is optional – so this design can be used without a photo.

All frames are optional, frame styles inside are selectable.  This template features selectable (optional) verses for pages 3 and 4. We insert custom verses at no cost if you need need it.

If you use a verse on page 4, the background of this page will become slightly darker to ensure verse legibility. Without a verse the background will remain unchanged and will seamlessly “wrap over” from the front page.

These changes will be reflected on your online proof.

Designer’s Note: I was surprised how well such a simple idea worked with wide selection of different backgrounds. This is the reason this template has so many of them – I though I will simply let you decide what works. Even backgrounds that I thought will never be used do show up, proving me wrong (as usual). 

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