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Bookmark with Abstract Wavy Pattern – BM19

Memorial bookmark with abstract seascape/hills on the front. Video below shows layout details in 3D:

The following decorative headings can be selected:
Available Bookmark Headings

Photo is optional. The photo gets replaced with a cross if no photo is used – so there is no empty space.

Multiple verses can be selected for the back. Size: 58x190mm, gloss laminated, printed on 350gsm heavy card.

Designer’s note: Sea and waves are a good metaphor of time or things that silently witness our lifetime and will be there long after we are gone.

So the idea was good, but to be honest I was not convinced myself when I created this design. I though it is too simple, almost generic. But we gave it a go and much to my surprise I see it popping up in orders every now and again.


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