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Irish Bogland and Lone Trees Memorial Card – MP78

The photo used to create this design was shot on analog film and so it is gritty and imperfect – just like the photos used to be back in the day.

It was shot on bogland in county Galway, but there is no characteristic points that would suggest exact location. The short video below gives a fairly good idea how this design looks like. It also shows some of the available verses, frame styles etc, have a look:

On the front, a small shadow is generated for the name to help it to stand out better.

Photo on the inside left page is optional – so this design can be used without a photo.

All frames are optional, frame styles inside are selectable.  This template features selectable (optional) verses for pages 3 and 4. We insert custom verses at no cost if you need need it.

If you use a verse on page 4, the background of this page will automatically become darker to ensure verse legibility. Without a verse the background will remain unchanged and will seamlessly “wrap over” from the front page to the back.

These brightness changes will be reflected on your online proof.

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