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Autumn Themed Memorial Card – MP70

Memorial card inspired by autumn. Using alternative backgrounds (there is 16 of them so far) you can create a very peaceful but at the same time colorful tribute to your departed Loved One.

Layout details in the video below and in photo gallery.

Saturated reds and yellows usually mean a very dynamic scene – however Autumn imagery is one of the exceptions. Despite being very colorful, they convey a sense of peace, fulfillment and probably a bit of sadness too.

The photo inside is optional – this design can be used without a photo. If you do not use photo on page 2 (inside left) it will be replaced by a plain cross image (another words the card will not look as if something is missing – you will see this on proof).

All frames are optional, frame styles inside are selectable – the frame on the front is part of the design so it cannot be changed.  This Memorial Card features selectable (optional) verses for pages 3 and 4.

If you use a verse on page 4, the background of this page will become slightly brighter to ensure verse legibility. Without a verse the background will remain unchanged and will seamlessly “wrap over” from the front page. These changes will be reflected on your online proof.

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