Acknowledgement & Thank You Cards – Ordering, Etiquette, Wording and Tips

4-page folding acknowledgement card

4-page folding acknowledgement card (Our design code: ACF5).

It is customary to send out thank you or acknowledgement cards after a funeral. It is a way to express your gratitude and acknowledge the importance of help and support you received after your loss.

These notes take form of a single or double sided acknowledgement/thank you cards. Four page folding acknowledgements cards are also in use. Those cards offer a space for personal handwritten note apart from standard acknowledgement card wording that is printed (see below for standard thank you card wording).

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Below you can find some – usually very common sense – rules and tips about when to send out the cards, whom to send them to, what text to include on the card etc.

When to send the cards

While there is no formal rule, various sources state that no later than 2-4 weeks after the funeral is best. On the other hand there is never too late or too early to say thank you. Whenever you do it the people involved will appreciate it, so our advice would be to send the cards when you are ready.

At Memorial Printers we often see customers printing acknowledgement cards a year after the funeral. Some people order thank you and memorial cards at the same time – about a year after the funeral.

4-page scenic acknowledgement card

4-page scenic acknowledgement card

What to send – acknowledgement card types

Standard acknowledgement cards are slightly smaller than a quarter of an A4 sheet. We use 115 wide by 90 mm tall (4.5″x3.5″). Your local printers will use a similar size.

Here you can see some of our designs:


The card may include a photo of the deceased and a note from the family acknowledging the help and support they received. The cards may be single sided, double sided, sometimes even 4 page folded.

While acknowledgement cards are predominantly of rectangular shape, you can encounter square folded thank you cards. They tend to be larger than standard cards measuring around 120x120mm (4.7″x4.7″) when folded.

In case of double sided cards the front contains just simple “Thank You” or similar wording, while the main body of the message is located on the back.

If you opt for 4 page folded card you will have more space to include a photograph or even multiple photographs of the deceased. Those larger cards also leave more space to handwrite a personal note if you need to.

Folding Acknowledgment Cards 4 page

Four page folding acknowledgement cards

Below you can see some real life photos of printed acknowledgement cards (click to enlarge):

If you want to see more photos here is the full gallery.

Generally speaking the double sided acknowledgement cards are the most common. These cards – unlike memorial cards – are mostly plain without plastic finish. Good heavy card is advisable. 350 GSM (gram per square metre) paper weight is the heaviest most digital presses can handle. Thus, it is the most likely paper weight you will be offered.

There is another type of acknowledgement card that is worth mentioning, not very common one. It is a card that merges elements of thank you and memorial card. These cards are of standard folding memorial card size (72x115mm in our case). They have standard memorial card content and usually they are laminated (plastic finish). Instead of a verse or poem they have thank you information printed inside – just like on the back of an acknowledgement card.

Depending on your circumstances this may be a way for you to make up for not sending acknowledgement cards in time after the funeral. Here you can see an example design of such card.


Typical acknowledgement card layout and wording. Standard size is around 115x90mm (4.5″x3.5″).

What to write – example wording

Unless you want to handwrite individual notes, there is a customary wording that can be considered a standard.

The standard acknowledgement card wording is as follows:

Front of the acknowledgement card (one of the following)

- In Grateful Appreciation
- Thank You
- With Sincere Thanks
- In Sincere Appreciation
- With Gratitude

Back of the card (or inside right in case of 4 page folding card)

The family (Wife, Husband etc.) of the late
Name of the Deceased
Thank you most sincerely
for your kind expression of sympathy
in their recent bereavement.

The Holy Sacrifice of the
Mass will be offered (or has been offered) for
your intentions.

Another popular version:

The family (Wife, Husband etc.) of the late
Name of the Deceased
wish to express their sincere thanks
for your friendship, kindness
and prayers during this time
of great sorrow.

You can include a photo on this page should you wish, but this is optional.

Whom to send the cards to

It would be ideal to send thank you card to everybody who attended the funeral. Whatever their relationship with the deceased, they made an effort to attend the funeral and this effort should be recognised.

Of course it may not be possible to do, and in fact is not expected. Below is a list of people whom you should send the cards to. The list is entirely up to you though – trust your common sense. Consult family members or friends when compiling the list. This will help you to ensure you will not omit anybody who should receive a card.

  • People who brought flowers
  • Those who made a charity donation (the charity who received the donation may be able to provide you with a list of donors – personal thank you message would be appropriate)
  • People who sent personal letters of condolence
  • Those who provided help of any kind
  • The clergy member presiding at the funeral
  • Honorary Pallbearers
  • Anybody who helped in a meaningful way

If you feel that you could add or correct something in this article, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very grateful if you do and you can help others this way as well.

Please note that on our site you can personalise and download acknowledgement cards completely free. See our free downloadable designs below:

Of course you can also order the cards from us. We offer fully custom design service as well as designs that can be personalised online.

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