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Are memorial cards expensive? Pricing explained

Memorial Cards

Some customers perceive memorial cards’ prices as being quite high. A single card can cost more than one euro, even when you check out our own very competitive prices. Why is that? This is not because you, the customer, are being ripped off. There is a number of factors that keep the prices where they […]

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Read Before You Go To a Graphic Design College

Entering a graphic design college young people have heads full of unrealistic ideas about their future careers. They grow a beard (if they are lads of course), put on trendy glasses with thick frames, take their Mac Book Pro (a couple of months worth of flipping burgers well spent) and go chasing their dream. They […]

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Free Acknowledgement Card Template in InDesign Format – Download

Our free acknowledgement card template pack contains simple design for a standard 115x90mm acknowledgement card. You can use it as is or create your own designs using our template as a base. You can download our template pack here: Download Acknowledgement Card template pack (2MB) If you just need to create high quality printable pdf of acknowledgement […]

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Free Memorial Card Template in InDesign Format – Download

Free Memorial Card Templates

If you need to quickly design a memorial card you can download and use our free Memorial Card template. The template pack contains simple memorial card design along with 7 types of frames and 10 verses. You can download our template pack here: Download Memorial Card Template Pack (5.3MB) Hint – if you just need […]

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