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DIY C41 and E6 temperature control setup for home film developing

DIY temperature control setup for home film developing

When developing films in C41 or E6 process at home you normally use a special lightproof tank with a spool containing your film inside. You pour your chemicals in and out while trying to keep the temperature at correct level. The temperature control is done by immersing your development tank (often called Paterson tank) in […]

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Are memorial cards expensive? Pricing explained

Memorial Cards

Some customers perceive memorial cards’ prices as being quite high. A single card can cost more than one euro, even when you check out our own very competitive prices. Why is that? This is not because you, the customer, are being ripped off. There is a number of factors that keep the prices where they […]

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Create Beautiful Memorial Card Backgrounds – Without Any Software

Tilt-Shift effect on Memorial Card background

Sometimes when selecting photos for a memorial card – and indeed in many other circumstances – you realise that you would love to use it, but it is not really good enough. Especially when putting together photos for a memorial card you will have random photos taken with random cameras, on various occasions. They have […]

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Quality difference between offset and digital print

In the last 20 years digital print became very popular and it is – slowly but surely – becoming the most prevalent printing method around. In it’s infancy the quality of digital print was significantly worse than this of traditional offset print. It’s main advantage was the ability to produce very short runs that were […]

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