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Kodak Ektachrome (2018) 3-stop push to 800 ISO – test with full-res download

There is no ISO 400 (not to mention 800) slide film on the market at the moment. In poor lighting conditions you can still use ISO 100 diapositive film and a tripod together with longer exposure times. But what if you want to shot handheld? Shot action with high shutter speeds? Shot a concert? Family event? Well then […]

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DIY C41 and E6 temperature control setup for home film developing

DIY temperature control setup for home film developing

When developing films in C41 or E6 process at home you normally use a special lightproof tank with a spool containing your film inside. You pour your chemicals in and out while trying to keep the temperature at correct level. The temperature control is done by immersing your development tank (often called Paterson tank) in […]

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